Self declaration ISO 26000 has been drawn up

isoBlycolin is especially driven and active with corporate social responsibility. Not because it looks good, but out of the conviction and the sincere feeling that CSR is needed. The self declaration for ISO 26000 that we have drawn up and signed on April 4th confirms that. Officially in black and white.

Blycolin’s CSR policy contains several focal points. We have already described these in a manifest a few years ago, so you can read in which areas we want to contribute to a better environment and a healthier world for man and society. The new drafted self declaration for ISO 26000 is in fact the official and internationally acknowledged version of that manifest.


CSR Policy

In the self declaration ISO 26000, our ambitions are indisputably recorded and action issues are indicated. The document is divided into four chapters. These are the CSR principles, acknowledging Blycolin’s social responsibility and involving stakeholders, the relevant CSR core themes and integrating social responsibility within Blycolin. In the self declaration, these chapters are further divided into underlying subjects. These subjects contain statements and questions, to which we provide the answers as we adhere to and carry out as rock solid part of our policy. This paints a complete picture of our vision on CSR and the actions we take. An image we officially support.

Self declaration

ISO 26000 is the international guideline that indicates that a company puts sustainable entrepreneurship into practice. Different from other ISO certifications, the requirements and conditions of ISO 26000 are not tested by external authorities, but drafted by the company itself. Which, however, does not imply that the books can be doctored in any way. We have drafted our self declaration in conformity to the NEN guideline NPR-9026+C1:2012 under supervision of Berenschot.