Hotel Linen Rooms

Is your linen room too full and cluttered? We’d love to give you some tips and tricks!

The linen room is the heart of the housekeeping department. Freshly laundered linen comes in to find its way to clean beds and bathrooms. Besides that, you store your extra pillows, duvets and linen there, which makes the linen room a very important link in your hotel.

But probably you recognize also that the laundry room is often messy, crowded and cluttered. In a daily routine this happens to the best of us. However we can assist you to easily change things around. Linen Rooms are often situated in the most unfavorable locations of a hotel. Hard to reach, narrow passages, a lot of stairs and limited storage space. All of this is just time consuming and are major nuisances for your housekeepers.

hotel linen room

We are here to help you!

Are we exaggerating? No, most likely if you take a critical look at your laundry room you will spot a few things that could be improved. The remaining question is how! Just ask us, as we can provide with all kinds of professional advice. It is our pleasure to have a look at your linen room together with you. We will provide you with useful tips and tricks to optimize your space and a more practical routing. Just a few simple interventions, without rebuilding or large investments, could already have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your housekeeping department. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help!