Hotel & Leisure group Zuid-Nederland proceeds with Blycolin

Hotel en Leisure groep

A prolongation of an agreement with a relation you have been working with for years. That’s very pleasing and the best confirmation you can get for the qualities you supply. The recently signed contract prolongation with the Hotel & Leisure Group Zuid-Nederland was another one of those pleasant moments.

The Hotel & Leisure Group Zuid-Nederland comprises four hotels in the province of Limburg: Golden Tulip Jagershorst, Tulip Inn Maastricht Aachen Airport, Golden Tulip Parkstad Zuid-Limburg and Golden Tulip Weert. Besides these, Kasteelhoeve De Grote Hegge and Conference Center Fortunato are also part of the group.

Linen Management

Blycolin has been supporting the four accommodations in their linen management for years. And to full satisfaction, as appears from the autograph CEO Mike Spetter recently placed under a new, long-term agreement with Blycolin Group. When sealing the prolonged cooperation between the two companies, he explained why the group proceeds with Blycolin. “The hotels are characterized by their unique locations and excellent service. We want to maintain that high service level, among others in our linen management. To do so, you need a reliable high quality partner. That’s Blycolin. The company acknowledges the needs of its customer and matches the products and services to those needs. Exactly like we do for the various target groups in our accommodations. That is carefree and reliable. To us, it’s the reason we want to keep Blycolin as our linen partner for years to come.”