Hotel and restaurant Stenden University changed to sustainable GOTS linen

Linen detailWork experience company Stenden University at the Stenden Academy in Leeuwarden recently prolonged its contract with Blycolin for the hotel and restaurant’s linen services.

A good moment for the work experience company to switch to sustainable GOTS certified linen in Blycolin’s collection. Anita van der Meer of Stenden University Hotel explains how and why.


GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS is the worldwide standard that strictly and carefully supervises that people and the environment are central from cotton seed to cotton production. For instance, no toxic and chemical pesticides are used on GOTS certified cotton plantations, in the production of cotton fabrics only natural and innocuous die and bleach are used and water usage is decreased considerably.


“Using the products”

“Our 28 room hotel is Greenkey certified”, Anita van der Meer explains. “We believe that you have to carry that through in every aspect and that you use the products that are available in the market. During the meetings about the contract prolongation, it was very nice to see that Blycolin offers many possibilities in the green area, with for instance GOTS linen for our hotel rooms and our restaurant. It is especially great because GOTS linen is a perfect match with our food concept ‘The new Dutch kitchen’ by Albert Kooy. With that concept, food is handled very consciously and responsibly by presenting a menu with the 80/20 principle: 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent meat.”

Hotel room


The Stenden University proudly shows everyone that it uses sustainable linen. Of course to their guests, but especially to its students. “We feel it is important that, during their training, our students become aware that this sustainable type of linen comes in very soft and fine fabrics and is readily available. And that you can, and perhaps should, work with it very comfortably. By introducing GOTS linen, we make our students think about sustainability. For instance, we ask the students in housekeeping how they would indicate to the guests in the room that there is sustainable linen on the bed. This increases awareness about the benefits. It needn’t be great leaps, as you can also achieve great things by taking smaller steps.”

Staff Stenden

Less kilometers

“Take for instance the big labels on GOTS table linen in our restaurant. We don’t cut those off, because we want to show our guests that sustainability matters to us and that we are very actively and happily pursuing it. Our students and many of our guests notice it. Another example showed during the contract negotiations with Blycolin. We had also invited other parties to be able to compare quotes and qualities. One supplier had its laundry facility in the middle of the country. ‘Our’ Blycolin laundry is in the north. It makes you think about aspects such as logistics. We very consciously chose Blycolin with its laundry facility close by to contribute to the reduction of driven kilometers.”

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