“Blycolin is a partner that thinks along with us in every possible way”

Caro van EekelenAccording to Caro van Eekelen, Managing Director Accor Hotels Netherlands!

Accor is one of het largest hotel groups in the world. Divided over different formulas, there are 3,500 hotels under de Accor flag. Of course, Accor strives for a good economic result with its 440,000 rooms. But not at all cost. Within Accor, Corporate Social Responsibility and respect for people and the environment are fundamental values. The group therefore developed a goal-oriented program for sustainable development with the name Planet 21. One of the key aspects of this program is the group’s purchasing policy. Accor prefers to cooperate with partners that respect the wellbeing of people and help decrease the impact on the environment with their products and services. The Blycolin Group, that has worked with Accor for years, fits the bill perfectly.

“We share each other’s vision”

“In Blycolin, we have found a partner that manages the linen of our hotels carefree. The company has arranged that perfectly across the whole country and amply meet our standards for the linen of every brand,” Caro van Ekelen, MD of Accor Hotels Netherlands says. “Blycolin is not a partner in the sense of customer versus supplier. Anyone can deliver linen. In Blycolin, however, we have found a partner who thinks along with us. And that is the strength, with which we amplify one another in, for instance, our CSR policies. We share each other’s vision at management level and live up to it in every aspect.”

The result of the “Plant for the Planet’’ program: 20,000 trees planted

“In all of its hotels, Accor strives for a sustainable policy in all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. We try to reduce the water consumption as much as possible, what has resulted in a 12% savings over the past few years. Our waste is recycled for over 65%. We work hard at cutting back CO2 emissions and guard the people’s wellbeing. One of the great examples of the cooperation with Blycolin is Plant for the Planet. With this program, we plant back trees for every towel that does not get laundered after being used once. In all of our rooms, we ask our guests to participate in our CSR policy and to indicate whether they want to reuse their towels. With this, we save on a number of logistical movements and laundry. And consequently, the environment. The ‘profits’ we gain from this, we spend on planting trees. With our entire group, we have planted over 2 million trees worldwide already. The great thing is that Blycolin supports us 100%. They keep track of the number of laundered towels, so we can plant trees for the towels that weren’t washed. Overall, this means a lower profit for Blycolin, but in our communal efforts to save the planet, that doesn’t really count. As said before, a partner that thinks and acts along with us in every possible aspect. Because of this program, we were able to plant about 20,000 trees in the Netherlands alone. Isn’t that great?”


“I can truly recommend Blycolin as a solid partner. The quality they deliver is very good and whenever there’s a problem, they solve it. The most important thing might be that, in consultation, Blycolin is constantly striving to improve their services and products, which in turn improves our quality and management. For instance, the way in which they think along with the improvement of our housekeeping and internal logistics. Blycolin came up with the idea to deliver the containers with clean linens in such a way that they are completely ‘room ready’, which has had many positive consequences. And not just because our housekeepers can work more efficiently, ergonomically and faster. Because of this, we all sat down for a sort of round table meeting to look critically at our housekeeping and the way in which we use our linen rooms, which brought about surprising improvements, even in the use of cleaning services and products.”