Blycolin gladly keeps on supporting Mission across Borders

Mission across borders

Contributing to a better wellbeing for people is one of the focal points of Blycolin’s CSR policy. We want to help people and we do. Wherever and however we can. For instance in our cooperation with Mission across Borders, which we will continue in the coming years.

Underprivileged people

Mission across Borders is a Dutch organization. From its Almere office, Mission across Borders dedicates itself to underprivileged people in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldavia, the Ukraine and Rumania. Together with the people in need, local coordinators of the organization assess which help is needed, such as food programs, sowing seeds or mother-baby help. And, as various churches cooperate in Mission across Borders, the support and dissemination of religion.

Pallets of linen

Blycolin is impressed by the drive, energy and sincerity of the organization. Recently, Blycolin has already donated over forty pallets of linen to Mission across Borders. The organization ensured that all linens were given a grateful second lease on life in (children’s) homes and households. The people who were helped with the linen expressed their gratitude. The many letters and photos we received, assured us that the linen was delivered to the right places. That’s why we will continue to support this good cause.